“There is no use whatever trying to help people who do not help themselves. You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he is willing to climb himself."

Andrew Fabillar Jr.

CEO - Marketing Director (International Marketing Group)

I'm an IT graduate but I gave up my profession and do IMG as my full time career and for the living. I found my passion in helping my fellow Overseas Filipinos around the globe using my IT and computer skills and with the help of internet. I'm a Licensed Associate Financial Planner in the Philippines.
IMG Financial Educator, entrepreneur and Investor for almost 6 years. 

For now, we're doing IMG full-time so that we can give more time to teach and assist more filipino families here in the U.A.E. and also in different parts of the world.

I love IMG so much because it change my life, not only in my finances it's a total complete package especially the character development that I have achieved and most important of all is having the winning mindset in life. That's why I encouraged my family, friends, and loved ones to join in IMG and be part of its mission to have a purpose in life.   

Realyn Manalili-Fabillar

CEO - Marketing Director (International Marketing Group)

My journey in IMG started August 2012 when I approached a friend to assist me on a Financial Coaching she’s been telling us about. My Financial life changed since that day. At the beginning it was for personal application that I attend the trainings and apply the concept until 8 months later when I received the opportunity to work in Dubai.

I was blessed that when I started working abroad I already know how to handle my finances, that is however not the case for the majority of Filipinos overseas.

In a world where majority is just merely existing, I can say because of IMG, I wake up every day knowing exactly why I am alive, my purpose in life.

Because of IMG, I have hope that a day will come, when no more Filipino will have to leave the country and their family in seek of a better future. And even if they do so, because of IMG I have hope, that no more OFW will go home empty handed and indebted, rather Financially Secured and with Solid Financial Foundation.

Because of IMG, I am positive this day will come. If only, we will do our part. One step forward, making a difference one day at a time.

Do you want to get a financial coaching and advices directly from us? We're here for you.

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You can always contact me anytime on my contact details listed below;

Port Saeed, Deira
United Arab Emirates

+971 55.436.4758 (Whatsapp/Viber)