Seize the advantage that the IMG Member’s Exclusive Benefit #11 offer by acquiring your own IMG Soldivo Fund, hassle-free! 

      While headlines about tanking stocks probably scare new investors from taking the plunge into investing, it actually is the perfect time to get into the Stock Market through Mutual Funds. So if you haven’t started investing until this moment, get your own IMG Soldivo Fund now!

      With a minimum P1,000 as an initial investment, you can acquire a mutual fund with less paperworks and requirements yet the same investing opportunities and return. Once you have started you can let your investment grow whenever you want and be able to track it using your portal dashboard! Through the Member’s Portal you can purchase and subscribe more stocks in just a click, no hassle and worry-free.

       Moreover, we made the Statement of Account available on our IMG Member's Portal! So that our members can easily monitor the amount of their investment, the increasing number of their shares, and the Net Asset Value of their Shares whenever and wherever they want. The Member's Portal is the easiest, fastest and most simplified way to monitor your flourishing and thriving IMG Soldivo Fund.

Start your journey in Investment now! 

Create a good foundation for your money and see it climb up to success!

· You Must have an active membership in IMG.
· You Must be 18yrs or Older to be a member.
· You need to fill out the online application form (you need to inform us once you finished filling-up your online registration form).
· Pay your one-time lifetime membership fee and send your payments (thru Bank Deposit, Online bank Transfer, international bank remittance or G-Cash)

Once you finished depositing your membership fee kindly send me the clear and readable picture copy of your proof of payment. Please send it to

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