Why Do We Need Life Insurance?

"Life Insurance is simple, if the Lord takes you home early your kids won't go hungry."
- Bo Sanchez

We recommend to buy TERM LIFE INSURANCE and invest to MUTUAL FUNDS your savings. Term Life insurance is the cheapest premium. Are you ready? Please provide your details below.


The Manila Bankers Life:  MOST 18 & GRP

Here's an illustration for better understanding.

And this is how Manila Bankers Life MOST 18 & GRP works.

List of Features and Benefits

1. Affordable. It’s a term life insurance. The most affordable type of life insurance.

2. Higher Fund Value. PDF allows higher growth of return.

3. Premium Flexibility. Settle your contributions on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

4. Withdrawal Advantage. Withdraw anytime without penalty.

5. Level Coverage Risk. Your savings is always added to your coverage (death benefit).

6. Emergency Fund Advantage. You already have savings in the first year.

7. Alternative Investment Flexibility. You are free to decide where to invest the difference.

8. Early Maturity. Maturity after 5/10/15/18 years.

9. Issue Age is 5 yo to 60 yo. Insure yourself and your whole family.

10. Address Various Financial Needs. Can be used for retirement, pension, education, travel, etc.

11. Convertible to Permanent Insurance. You have an option to a permanent policy.

12. Low Chance of Lapsation. Premiums may be settled from your PDF / investment earnings.

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