We all want to be financially secured but the question is, how do we start? When it comes to financial planning, there are two important questions that you have to ask yourself:

Q: What if I live too long? Who will take care of me?

Typically, regular Filipino employees would have a healthcare plan provided by their employer. This is a basic benefit that’s certainly valuable and helpful to all regular employees and their dependents since this secures their short-term healthcare needs but what happens when a person stops working? What happens when you reach the age of retirement? Will you be able to bring your healthcare benefits with you? Sure, you have a short-term healthcare right now, but are you already prepared for the time that you might actually need it the most? Who will provide for your food, shelter, health care and other basic needs?

Q: What if I die too early? What will happen to my family?

When the breadwinner passes away, the family not only loses a loved one, it also loses a source of income to pay for food, shelter, and basic necessities.


Kaiser gives you two of the basic components one should be looking for in an investment: Protection + Growth.


Kaiser covers not just your short-term healthcare but more importantly, it secures your long-term protection, for your healthcare needs at your old age, as well as your insurance or your family's protection in case of an unfortunate event.


Since Kaiser is invested on a Mutual Fund that earns an average rate of 7% - 10% compounded annually, if you don't get sick and live long enough without getting sick, it can be good as cash. Meaning, you can withdraw your money and use for any of your other needs and responsibilities at your old age. Now, should you decide to leave your money even after maturity, it will just continue to grow at an average rate of 7% - 10% per annum.

In essence:

​Kaiser is a HEALTHCARE, INSURANCE, INVESTMENT + EMERGENCY FUND. It's a 4 in 1 investment vehicle.

1st Reason: Long-term Healthcare 

Ang mga traditional HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) ay short-term lang. Magbabayad ka ng annual premium for a certain healthcare coverage. Magamit mo ito or hindi ay babayaran mo pa rin every year kung gusto mong ipagpatuloy ang healthcare coverage.

Sa Kaiser, puwedeng maging short-term at long-term. Kung nag-avail ka nito at biglang nagkasakit magagamit mo ang healthcare benefits. Paano naman kung hindi magamit? Okay lang! Dahil si Kaiser ay long-term healthcare din kung saan ang hinuhulog mo ay hindi masasayang at magagamit mo pa rin in future needs.

2nd Reason: Life Insurance

Sa traditional HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) kapag sinabing healthcare ay Pure Healthcare lang.

Sa Kaiser, hindi lang siya basta healthcare. May Life Insurance coverage din na kung saan ay protected ang pamilya.

Halimbawang may mangyari sa policy holder ay makakatanggap ang beneficiaries nito ng instant money mula sa Insurance Company.

Bukod pa doon ay may Waiver of Installment due to Death, Waiver of Installment due to Total and Permanent Disability at Transfer of Kaiser Policy to the Principal Beneficiary.

3rd Reason: Investment for Retirement

Bukod sa healthcare at life protection, ang kaiser ay may investment din.

Kung healthy ka at hindi mo nagagamit ang healthcare coverage bibigyan ka pa ng BONUS ni kaiser sa Maturity ng iyong 3-in-1 Saving Plan.

Makukuha mo ang lump sum sa 20th year ng iyong plan. May option ka rin na i-retain lang ito upang lumago pa ang pera mo.

Imagine? Nag-save ka lang sa loob ng 7 years may makukuha kang malaking halaga sa Maturity Period ng Saving Plan mo. Para ka ring may pension na pwede mong kuhanin buwan-buwan dahil good as cash itong investment mo.


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Kaiser is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Health and Insurance commission

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